Apple offers six iPad models to choose from. How to choose the best for you!

An updated iPad and iPad Pro were released by Apple earlier this week. They are likely to help the company boost sales during the crucial holiday shopping season. However, that means there are now six distinct iPads available from Apple, making it harder to choose the right one for yourself or a loved one. If you’re thinking about getting a new iPad, your options are:

  • The new 12.9-inch iPad Pro
  • The new 11-inch iPad Pro
  • The iPad Air
  • The regular iPad redesigned
  • The iPadmini
  • Or last year’s regular iPad

That’s a lot of iPads to carry, but we’ve made it easy by sorting them from cheapest to most expensive to help you find the one that’s right for you.

iPad 2021: all you need is a tablet

During September 2021, Apple released the iPad 9. The starting price of $329 makes it the cheapest alternative among Apple’s existing offerings. The tablet’s long battery life makes it ideal for daily tasks such as watching videos, reading books, checking emails, surfing the web, checking social media, and making FaceTime calls.

How to choose the best for you

Although it costs the least, it doesn’t feel cheap. My current iPad is this one. If you’re looking to save some money but don’t need to do anything too intensive like editing videos, this is the way to go. However, it is not without drawbacks.

The display and camera quality are not up to the standards set by other iPad models. Due to its outdated A13 processor and incompatibility with new Apple Pencils, it was originally released in 2019. Since Apple does not now offer a model compatible with 5G cellular networks, users are limited to using networks older and less reliable. Here we have the tablet for when you really need a tablet.

iPad 2022: You just need a tablet, but you want new features

If you need a high-quality tablet and can afford to upgrade to the newer low-end model, this iPad is a great choice. It can be purchased online now and in stores on October 26. The entry-level 10th generation iPad has been completely redesigned and now starts at $449, which is more expensive than the previous iPad at $329.

How to choose the best for you
How to choose the best for you

The home button has been removed and replaced with a larger 10.9-inch screen. The iPad’s power button on top now doubles as a Touch ID fingerprint reader; to unlock it, simply press and hold the button.

The front camera has also been moved. Positioning the camera on the longer side of the tablet rather than the shorter side should make you appear more in the center of the frame during video calls. It is also available in brand new hues, such as white, yellow, red and blue.

Although the A14 Bionic chip is a generation older than that of the new iPad, it still enables faster performance and longer battery life than the previous and cheaper iPad. Front and rear cameras are improved. One can even have a 5G cellular variant if they want.

But there’s a catch you should be aware of: however, the new iPad is incompatible with any Apple Pencil released since 2015. The only way to charge or pair it is with an older device via the Lightning cable. So if you want to charge your Pencil on the new iPad, you’ll need to buy a $9 adapter. Incompatibility with the newer second-generation Apple Pencil, which charges and pairs via magnets on the side of other iPads, is insane on Apple’s part.

It doesn’t hurt that it’s also available in fun colors. Are you interested in a yellow iPad?

iPad Mini: You need a super portable tablet

The sixth-generation iPad mini’s starting price was $499 when it was released in September 2021. This is the best option if portability is a top priority. This iPad is perfect for kids due to its smaller 8.3-inch screen and light weight of just over half a pound. The size is just right for a doctor’s white coat pocket, so I’ve seen doctors use it.

The mini’s rear and front cameras have a resolution of 12 megapixels, much like on the new iPad. These cameras, along with Center Stage, help you stay focused during video chats. A 5G cellular iPad mini is also available from Apple, allowing users to access their media libraries even when they don’t have Wi-Fi. And its processor is more powerful than that of the latest base model of the iPad.

The iPad mini is compatible with the $129 Apple Pencil, the second iteration of which is much nicer to use than the original. And charging is a breeze. Place it on the magnet side of the iPad and you’re good to go.

iPad Air: the middle of the pack

Apple’s M1 processor, used in the new iPad Air released in March 2022 with prices starting at $599, represents a significant increase over the A14 and A15 chips seen in previous iPads. The iPad is a great middle ground for those who want to do some light video editing and gaming but don’t want the high-end display, more powerful cameras, or faster processing speed of the M2 processor found in Pro devices.

iPad Air’s Center Stage feature helps maintain your position in view of the camera during video chats, allowing you to move freely around the room while having a FaceTime conversation without missing a beat. iPad Air is now available in a cellular version with 5G connectivity, enabling faster downloads of apps, music and movies even when they’re not in range of a Wi-Fi hotspot.

The second-generation Apple Pencil is compatible with iPad Air, as it is with iPad Pro and iPad mini, and it charges when attached to magnets on the side of the tablet .

Advantages of the iPad: You need as much power as you can get from a tablet.

The latest iPad Pros come in 11-inch and 12.9-inch sizes, with the larger model sporting a screen that’s both brighter and more vivid than its smaller sibling. The latest models, featuring Apple’s upgraded M2 processor and more, can be purchased online now and can be found in stores on October 26.

If you’re a pro gamer, video editor, photographer, designer, or any other kind of creative person, or just want the best iPad available, this is it. The 12.9-inch iPad might appeal to those who prefer using a tablet rather than a laptop due to its larger screen.

The M2 chip in the new iPad Pros is the most notable improvement. The MacBook Air launched this year also uses this processor. Apple claims the M2 processor is about 15% faster than the M1 processor in the previous year’s iPad Pro. People trying to get the most out of their video rendering could benefit from this. Plus, there are a few other improvements.

Apple’s new hover feature is compatible with both new iPad Pro devices. The new “hover” function allows the screen to recognize the tip of the Apple Pencil at a distance of up to 12 mm. For Apple, that means faster handwriting-to-text translations and more accurate sketches by artists. The iPad Pro is compatible with Apple’s latest Pencil, which costs $129.

The 11-inch Wi-Fi-only model starts at $799, while the 5G cellular variant starts at $999. The Wi-Fi-only version of the 12.9-inch device starts at $1,099, while the 5G cellular version starts at $1,299. Costing $2,399 with the highest storage capacity of 2TB, the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro is out of reach for most people.

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