Apple Macbook Laptop Display Flexgate: Some Apple MacBook Laptops Face New “Flexgate” Problem

A few weeks ago, we saw the appearance of a “bendgate” on Apple iPad Pro models. Now, ‘flexible door‘was spotted by the folks at iFixit for the Apple MacBook Pro laptop. No, the laptop doesn’t really ‘flex’ or bend, but its screen wiring system is the faulty component that causes the MacBook pro’s display backlight to fail and result in a screen. black.
A short video uploaded by the Mac Plus Channel shows the MacBook Pro’s cover lifted with a slight fluctuation in the backlight, and eventually shut off. It was explained that Apple used a new flexible and thin flat cable for the screens of MacBook models released in 2016 and later. These cables wear out and tear faster than the old ones with repeated opening and closing of the cover.
This is not good news for users facing this issue, as the flat cable is said to be part of the display. This means that it would cost more than before. “Apple opted for thin, fragile flexible cables as opposed to the sturdier metal cables used in previous designs which could be routed through the hinge instead of wrapped around it, helping to alleviate the stress of the openings. and repeated closures. But the bigger problem is that, in an apparent effort to make the screen as thin as possible, Apple designed the cables as part of the screen, ”iFixit said.
It should be added that the resolution of the problem is not included in Apple’s extended warranty program.
This isn’t the first time Apple MacBooks have made headlines for a failed component. A few months ago, it was reported that MacBook “Butterfly” keyboards were more prone to debris and dust. However, the iPhone maker has improved this with the latest MacBook models.

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