Apple Japan Introduces MacBook Laptops Featured In Anime

Product placement for Apple devices is abundant in various forms of entertainment – be it movies, TV shows, etc. To prove this point, Apple Japan released a “Behind the Mac” promotional video that featured Macbook laptops used in various forms of Japanese anime.

Most notably, the video includes Makoto Shinkai’s hit film “Your Name”, as well as his latest film “Weathering With You”. Other anime titles also featured are Mirai, My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, New Game !, Osomatsu-san, SSSS.Gridman, and more.

While the video features characters using MacBooks for various purposes, not all of them bear the Apple brand. Some scenes featured the laptops with a peach, heart, or pear emblem instead of the iconic company logo.

Without a doubt, the intention of using alternative logos is either to parody the actual brand or to avoid any form of counterfeiting. However, it’s kind of funny that Apple recognizes these indirect approaches as a form of tribute regardless.

image: screenshot from Apple Japan’s Behind The Mac video

Since most of the characters in the video are having a good time with the device, it’s likely that they haven’t encountered the keyboard flaws yet. Come to think of it, one wonders if there is an anime villain who uses an iPhone?

(Source: Apple Japan Going through SoraNews24)

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