Apple could source OLED panels from BOE for future iPad models

There are rumors that Apple is repeatedly testing OLED panels for future iPad models, but the mini-LED transition may take some time. To facilitate this process, BOE, which is said to provide the tech giant with OLED displays for some iPhone 13 models, is apparently looking to expand production of these panels to other devices, including tablets and laptops.

BOE is said to be converting a factory to mass-produce OLED panels for other devices

While BOE can secure OLED controls for some iPhone 13 models, there is no doubt that with unwavering persistence, the manufacturer may be able to secure controls for the same panels, but for future iPad models. According to The Elec, the Chinese screen maker is reorienting a factory that will be able to mass-produce screens up to 15 inches, but the last word on quality will be Apple’s.

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Assuming that BOE cannot maintain a strict quality standard, Apple will be forced to cover shipments from its other display manufacturing partners, which are currently Samsung and LG. Unfortunately, the California giant and Samsung can’t come to a common ground regarding an iPad Air display. Apparently, Apple needs a dual-battery OLED panel structure for its iPad lineup, which boosts brightness twice and extends screen life by four times.

Unfortunately for Apple, Samsung has yet to begin development on this particular panel. Instead, the Korean manufacturer continues to produce OLED panels with a single battery, which cuts production costs but also decreases overall brightness and durability. The more durable OLED panel was probably not considered as it would affect profitability. Samsung probably wouldn’t want anything more than to be Apple’s long-term customer, as long as the iPad maker continued to regularly stock up on millions of panels.

Since iPads are held for much longer periods of time than iPhones, a one-time deal with Samsung to develop a new panel over a period of several years was not a sound business strategy for Samsung. Luckily for Apple, LG is reportedly in the process of developing a dual-stack OLED panel structure, although it may take some time before the first OLED iPad sees a commercial release.

Given that BOE just jumped on the OLED development train for the iPad, we believe it will be some time before Apple feels confident in bringing the Chinese manufacturer on board as a supplier.

News source: L’Elec

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