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The latest iPhone software update to iOS 14.6 improves AirTag’s lost mode options, voice control, podcast subscriptions, and the Apple card.

Apple begins rolling out the iOS 14.6 update to compatible devices, which includes iPhone models as far back as the iPhone 6s and the latest iPod touch. Along with several bug fixes and security updates, some cool new features have been added that improve the usefulness of various Apple products and services. Apple will likely announce iOS 15 at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June, so it could be one of the last updates for iOS 14.

IOS 14’s home screen widgets caused a stir, with many users choosing to personalize to the extreme, replacing app icons with their own designs to complement the aesthetic. Since the Shortcuts app was used to perform the icon swap, it initially came with a time penalty because the Shortcuts app would open before opening the related app for the new one. icon. For those who like to fine-tune the look of the iPhone home screen, it’s worth noting that this has changed and custom icons now open the app directly rather than requiring shortcuts to open. first.

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For AirTag owners, Apple’s iOS 14.6 rollout adds a welcome option when marking an item as lost. Previously, “lost mode” had a place to share a phone number with anyone who found a missing or stolen AirTag and a box to type a message. With the updated version of the Find My app, an email address can be provided instead. Since many iPhone owners can have multiple email addresses, but only one phone, giving out an easily replaceable email address is a more privacy-oriented approach. This also applies to other devices activated by Find My. Another AirTag privacy improvement hides the first six digits of a phone number when an AirTag is scanned by another phone, while the full phone number was previously displayed. AirTag owners will want to update to the latest iOS and iPadOS to take advantage of these upgrades. The full list of changes can be found in the Settings app under “Software update‘while security updates are available on Apple’s website.

Other iOS 14.6 changes to note

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For anyone using the voice control accessibility feature, an iPhone can be unlocked using only their voice after upgrading to iOS 14.6. This is a great addition for people with a motor impairment who typically rely on this voice input. Podcast listeners will appreciate the ability to subscribe to Channels, which are groups of shows organized by Apple that help discover new content, as well as focus on particular interests. Of course, it is also possible to subscribe to individual programs. Additionally, the Apple Card now has new expense tracking capabilities with spending limits and controls when using Family Sharing.

iOS 14.6 also fixes a few issues, such as the issues some have experienced with bluetooth connection to the wrong audio device during calls. Anyone who has seen reminders appear as blank lines will also likely be relieved by the latest update. In some cases, Apple Watch unlocking of an iPhone has failed and this update should fix these issues as well. Apparently the iPhone may have suffered from reduced performance at startup which made the process take longer than usual, but this has also been fixed with the new update. With AirTag, Find My, Accessibility, Podcast, and Apple Map updates, Apple’s iOS 14.6 brings some cool new features, along with some important bug fixes.

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