7 Shocking iPhone Features Apple Won’t Tell You: Level Tool, Screenlock Video Recorder, and MORE!


The iPhone is cutting edge technology at our disposal that fits in our pockets. You might think you know the capabilities of your iPhone, but Apple has managed to introduce some surprising features that you might not have known.

Read on to learn about some of the handy tools and features that you have on your iPhone that you might not have noticed.

7 shocking iPhone features you might not know about

7. Spirit level

This feature is especially handy for those of you who are into home improvement. But it could also be a lot of fun to go around, checking the level of the surfaces around you.

Two of the apps preinstalled on your iPhone are the Compass and Measure apps. Depending on the current iOS you’re running on, the bubble level can be found on the Compass app (just swipe left) or the Measure app (the option at the bottom right of the screen).

You can measure the level of vertical and horizontal surfaces very easily by simply resting your phone on the surface, PC Mag said. You can also go ahead and make it more visual by tapping on the background to make it turn red and green depending on how flat the surface is.

6. Record videos with your locked screen

This unfortunately only works with iPhones with home buttons. But if you plan to record anything for long periods of time but don’t want to strain your battery by leaving the screen on for too long, you can take videos while the screen is locked.

While your iPhone is locked, press the shutter button on the right. Go ahead and slide the camera icon to the bottom right halfway up and stick with it, Bright Side said. Keep your finger on the halfway up camera slider mode, then slide the camera mode to video. Double press the Home button three times. Make sure to keep your finger halfway over the slider until the iPhone turns off its screen. Your video is now being recorded and to end recording simply unlock the phone.

5. Stop the music in the middle of the night

If you like to sleep with music but maybe want it to turn off automatically at some point while you are sleeping soundly, Apple has a simple remedy for that.

Go ahead and open the Clock app and set the timer for as long as you want the music to play. Then press When Timer Ends and scroll down and select Stop playing. It really is that simple.

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Fill out your medical ID card to better help you in an emergency. You can enter your medical conditions, notes, allergies and reactions, blood type, and other important information that might be needed in an emergency.

54. Personalized vibration ringtones

If you leave your phone on perpetual silent mode but want the convenience of knowing who is calling you before you even check the screen, you can actually set up custom vibrations.

Open Settings and tap Sounds & Haptics. Scroll down to Ringtone and Clock on Vibration. Go to Custom and select Create New Vibration. Go ahead and press and hold for as long as you want for that specific vibration sequence and hit save. You can now access your contacts and change the vibration ringtone you receive from specific contacts.

3. Emergency contacts and medical identification

Fill out your medical ID card to better help you in an emergency. Go to Settings then Health. Create your medical identification and it is accessible from the emergency number without unlocking your phone. You can enter your medical conditions, notes, allergies and reactions, blood type, and other important information that might be needed in an emergency.

If you have configured your emergency contacts via Medical ID, these are also automatically updated on your lock screen. If not, just go to Emergency SOS and configure your emergency contacts and how you can activate Emergency SOS as well.

2. Recently closed Safari tabs

If you’ve accidentally closed a Safari tab but need to bring it back, just hold down the plus symbol when all tabs are unfolded. A pop-up window displays your recently closed tabs. Unfortunately, this does not work for tabs in private mode.

1. Calculator digits

This can be very useful for anyone who accidentally pressed the wrong number on the calculator and had to re-type an entire string of equations. Instead of clicking “C,” on the numbers you entered, swipe from the right of the screen to the left. Make sure none of the operation symbols are activated. This removes the last digit displayed on the screen. Very handy for anyone sharing the bill for Sunday brunch.

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