5 new iPhone features in iOS 16 that will make your life easier

With August fast approaching, we are only a few weeks away from the official release of iOS 16. Barring any unforeseen developments, iOS 16 will arrive at the end of September, a few days after the release of the iPhone 14. As we saw at WWDC, iOS 16 is packed with new features and performance improvements that, taken together, will definitely improve the overall user experience.

If you missed the WWDC keynote and aren’t sure what the iOS 16 release will bring to the table, we’ve got you covered. Below, we’ve highlighted 5 iPhone features in iOS 16 that are sure to make your life a little easier.

Live Activities

Right off the bat, we have to start with the live activities. While this feature won’t arrive until iOS 16.1, it’s definitely a feature in the iOS 16 release that I’m very excited about.

With Live Activities, users can keep tabs on certain real-time events right from the lock screen. So, for example, imagine you’re keeping tabs on a basketball game in progress. Rather than opening your iPhone, unlocking it, and launching the ESPN app, you’ll be able to see the live score as it changes right from the lock screen.

Another intriguing use case is the ability to track an upcoming Uber or food delivery service without having to access the app directly.

Personal lock screen customizations

Image source: Apple

Compared to Android, Apple has always been reluctant to let users change the appearance of their device. With the iOS 16 release, that’s about to change.

Undoubtedly, one of the most anticipated features of iOS 16 is the ability to customize the look of the iPhone lock screen. As Apple demonstrated at WWDC, this includes the ability to choose from a wide array of fonts, colors, designs, backdrops, and wallpapers. The possibilities are seemingly endless and will surely be a hit with users.

A cool feature of Apple’s implementation is that users can save multiple lock screen designs and easily switch between them throughout the day or as they wish.

Apple pay later

Another feature in iOS 16 that will make your life easier is Apple Pay Later. Apple Pay as it is now is already a seamless and intuitive experience. And with Apple Pay Later, Apple will take the service to the next level.

With this new feature, iOS 16 users won’t have to pay the full price of an item at point of sale. Instead, users can split the payment into 4 installments over the course of six weeks. Even better, iOS 16 users can do this at no additional cost.

“Apple Pay Later is available for in-app and online purchases when customers check out with Apple Pay,” Apple notes. “And it’s integrated with Wallet so customers can easily track what they owe and when they owe it.”

It’s also worth noting that Apple Pay Later doesn’t require any additional integration from merchants.

Schedule emails

Apple’s Mail app has never been a favorite among power users. Still, the app has steadily improved with each version of iOS. And so, with the iOS 16 release, Apple finally adds a feature that users have been wanting for years.

Finally, the iOS 16 release will allow iPhone users to schedule emails to be sent in advance. To take advantage of this feature, users will simply have to long press on the send icon and the option will appear.

Parcel tracking

With iOS 16, tracking packages made through Apple Pay will be much easier. This is due to the fact that Apple integrates a tracker directly into the Wallet application. Naturally, Apple has made it easy for merchants to add this integration to their apps.

Once implemented, updated information about a package in transit along with other order details are easily accessible.

Apple adds:

Wallet features a dashboard that displays a customer’s active and completed orders. People can choose an order to view details about it, like the items they ordered and fulfillment information for shipping and pickup. The system displays the information you provide in the dashboard and detailed views.

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