5 new iPhone features are rumored to be coming in iOS 16

With May fast approaching, we are getting closer to Apple’s annual WWDC event. Scheduled for June 6, WWDC is where Apple traditionally showcases all of the software enhancements it’s been working on over the past year. So while we’ll no doubt see Apple introduce new iterations of watchOS, macOS, and iPadOS, there’s no denying that iOS 16 will be the main event.

In years past, Apple has struggled to keep iOS rumors from leaking out. This year, however, we really haven’t seen a ton of iOS 16 rumors circulating. And the rumors we’ve seen have been somewhat vague. This, interestingly enough, has created a stir as many people think that Apple might have a few surprises in store for us on June 6th. We’ll find out for sure in a few weeks, but in the meantime, we’ve put together a list highlighting several iOS 16 features you can count on.

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iOS 16 features on the horizon

Redesign of notifications

Rumor has it that Apple with iOS 16 will dramatically improve how notifications work. But as mentioned above, specific details remain scarce. Some believe that notifications in iOS 16 will have better and more grouping options. Others think we could see an expansion of actionable notifications.

Expanded focus mode

Focus Mode was one of the flagship features of iOS 15. As the name suggests, Focus Mode allows users to concentrate on a particular task without having to deal with distractions from other apps. For example, users can set up a work mode that temporarily filters notifications from apps like ESPN or Tinder.

With iOS 16, Apple would have develop the number of customization options in Focus mode.

iOS 16 could confirm Apple’s AR/VR headset

Perhaps one of the coolest things about iOS 16 has nothing to do with the iPhone. Specifically, iOS 16 is rumored to include several references to Apple’s alleged AR headset. According to Mark Gurman To light up newsletter, there’s a slim chance we’ll even be able to “take a look at the headset rOS” at WWDC. It seems unlikely, but would certainly be a pleasant surprise.

Apple News updates and new health features

If you needed proof that iOS 16 rumors are rare, we’re already talking about Apple News. It has been reported that iOS 16 will bring new Apple News features, and possibly new publishing partners as well. As usual, you’ll want to take this rumor with a grain of salt.

Additionally, some reports indicate that we will see expanded health tracking features with iOS 16. This could come in the form of improved sleep monitoring and medication management tools.

Gourman notes:

Apple has been working on a medication management tool that will allow users to scan their pill bottles into the app. The software will monitor compliance and remind users to take their medications. But the initial feature release for this year is unlikely to include all of the planned features,

Compatible Devices

Apple does a better job than most of making sure newer iterations of iOS work on older iPhone models. But eventually, running new software on aging hardware becomes something of an inconvenience. At this point, we’ve seen reports that iOS 16 will drop support for iPhone 6s and earlier devices. The iPhone 6s debuted in 2015, so realistically this change shouldn’t have too much of an impact.

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