5 iPhone features you might not know about

The iPhone continues to be the most popular smartphone in the world. Due to its ease of use and simplicity, the iPhone is more accepted than competing Android smartphones. If you own an iPhone 12 or iPhone 13, you might already know how it has improved over previous generations. In addition to the features heavily marketed by Apple, the iPhone has many lesser-known features that barely command attention. We present to you five fantastic features hidden in the iPhone. You just need to know where to find them.

Disable unwanted calls

Nobody likes unwanted calls. Whether it’s a call from a telemarketer or just the wrong number, having your phone ringing at irregular times is annoying. Luckily, being an iPhone user, you have the ability to silence unknown callers. In iOS 15, there is a feature that lets you silence unknown callers so your iPhone doesn’t ring. Basically, when you enable the Silence Unknown Caller feature, all calls from unknown numbers will automatically go to voicemail. That being said, the calls will still show up in your Recent Calls, tap the Phone app, so you always know who called, then choose to call back. To be clear, when the feature is enabled, you will receive incoming calls from people in your contacts.

Here’s how to silence unknown callers on iPhone

*Open Settings from your home screen.

*Faucet ‘Call‘then turn on’Silence unknown callers.’ The switch turns green when the function is activated.

Are you tired of receiving calls from unknown numbers? Try this feature.

Easily find specific words on Safari

One of the lesser known but interesting features of the iPhone is how you can easily search for a specific word on Safari using the keyword search option. If you’re reading an article about “Chinese Fried Rice Recipe” on Safari and need to locate a specific word or phrase, just use the keyword search instead of browsing the entire the item. In the search bar, enter the text you want to search for, scroll down and select “On this page”.

Easily find specific words on Safari using Keyword Search.

Keyboard Shortcuts on iPhone

If you’re tired of typing long words or names all over again, you’re not alone. In fact, it’s the most annoying thing to type long sentences, especially when you’re on the go or in the middle of a meeting. Luckily, you can save time by setting up keyword shortcuts for all the text you type on a regular basis.

Here’s how to create keyboard shortcuts on iPhone

* Start the Settings application.
* Faucet General.
* Press on Keyboard.
* Press on Text replacement.
* Press the + in the upper right corner.
* In the Phrasing field, type the entire phrase for which you want to create a shortcut.
* In the Shortcut field, type the snippet you want to replace with the phrase.
* Tap Save at the top right.

Create your own keyboard shortcuts on the iPhone.

Tap with three fingers to undo or redo

Sometimes it happens when you accidentally delete the whole sentence by mistake. Instead of creating panic, you can also tap with three fingers to “undo” or “redo” in a text field. If you don’t want to use this feature, you can even shake your iPhone to to cancel your hit. Shake a second time to remake the action. If the function is activated by accident, you can deactivate it from the Settings application by selecting Accessibility, Touch, Shake to cancel and turning stopped the seesaw.

Share a website as a PDF

Often when you spot an interesting article on a website, you take a screenshot of the article and share it with your friends. But there’s a better way to share news articles, a car list, or a recipe. On iPhone, you can turn any webpage into a PDF.

Open the website on your iPhone and take a screenshot. If you have newer iPhones with a notch, press and hold the “Side” and “Volume Up” buttons until you see the screenshot animation. If you’re using an iPhone or iPad with a home button, press it and the “Power/Sleep” button to take a screenshot. You see a small preview of the screenshot in the lower left corner – tap on it. In the screenshot editor, tap “Full page”. Now the whole page appears. You can either save the PDF to the Files app or export it to any app of your choice.

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