5 iPhone features most people didn’t even know existed


iOS is packed with features – some make your life easier and some are just plain fun. We’ve touched, tapped, and scoured iOS to uncover some of the more obscure settings you didn’t know, but probably should know. Read on to learn more about 5 iPhone Features Most People Didn’t Even Know About.

Put a call on hold with the Mute button

We all use the mute button when we are on a call, but we don’t want others to hear background noise. But did you know that the mute button also has the power to put a call on hold?

When you are on a call, just press and hold the mute button. It will immediately switch from mute to on-hold. According to some Redditors, putting a call on hold will trigger music on hold for the person on the other end of the phone.

Drag to type

QuickPath was a high-profile new feature when it was released in iOS 13. However, we rarely see people using the input tool – I’d bet most iPhone owners never heard of it (or forgot about it). that it existed). Don’t touch the letters, to glide through them for super-fast typing.

  1. Open a keyboard in Messages, Notes, or another app.
  2. Lightly press the keyboard area and slide your finger over the letters of a word, in order.
  3. Keep swiping until the word you want is spelled out, then release your finger.
  4. This word will automatically be added to your message or e-mail, accompanied by a space. Keep swiping to “type” the next word.

Hide photos you don’t want others to see

Not all photos on your iPhone are for the public. You can hide photos from prying eyes by opening the Photos app and locating the photo you want to hide.

  1. Tap and hold on a photo thumbnail until the share button appears.
  2. Select Share, then choose “Hide” from the menu.

To find these hidden photos in the future, you need to go to the Albums part of the Photos app and find the album titled Hidden.

Type the queries on Siri

Want to ask Siri a question, but in a situation where you can’t speak? Apple has you covered. Buried within the accessibility menu is an option that lets you type a question to Siri instead of saying it.

  1. Enable this feature by opening the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down until you see Accessibility (older versions of iOS put accessibility in the General section).
  3. Scroll down and tap Siri, then toggle the toggle for “Type to Siri” to enable this feature.

Use a one-handed keyboard to improve typing efficiency

Do you prefer to type your messages with one hand? Hate when you have to reach the screen to type a letter? Improve your typing efficiency by activating the one-handed keyboard.

  1. Open your messaging or messaging app to activate the keyboard. Look for the emoji symbol (or the globe on older versions of iOS) on the left.
  2. Press and hold this symbol until the keyboard options dialog appears.
  3. Select either the left keyboard or the right keyboard.
  4. When you want to go back to the original keyboard, repeat the above steps, but select the full keyboard in the middle.


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