5 bugs and glitches found on the iPhone 13 and newer iPad models

After the release of the iPhone 13 series, we heard about some issues with real models. Some of these flaws and bugs have been officially confirmed by the Cupertino-based company. Also, some of them have solutions or should get them soon. It should be noted that some cases are individual. But most of them are common. So let’s get into the details of the bugs that came with the phone.

1. The “Unlock with Apple Watch” function does not work on iPhone 13

The bug most often mentioned is probably the inability to unlock the iPhone 13 with the Apple Watch. This issue has been experienced by many users, and it was reported by users almost on the first day of the sale. Apple confirmed the problem on September 26 and gave a solution.

If you try to unlock your iPhone while wearing a mask, you may see the message “Unable to communicate with Apple Watch”. Apple has stated that this issue will be addressed in a software update, which will be released at a later date. Before the update rolls out, you can turn off “Unlock with Apple Watch” and use the device password to unlock iPhone 13.

To turn off “Unlock with Apple Watch”, go to “Settings”> “Face ID & Password”.

2. Backup recovery bug, widget reset, Apple Music cannot be used

Apple official website posted a message confirming that after restoring backup to iPhone / iPad, widgets can be reset to default state. Apple Music may also be affected, resulting in the inability to access directories, settings, or use synced data.

Apple’s statement shows that devices likely to experience the issue include the iPhone 13 series, iPad (9th generation), and iPad mini (6th generation).

Users can manually reconfigure widgets or upgrade the system as recommended by Apple. Apple fixed the small component issue in the latest system update.

3. Macro mode change bug in the first batch of iPhone 13

When the iPhone is close to the subject and reaches a certain distance, the imaging system automatically switches to macro mode. However, after shooting, macro mode does not turn off automatically. In addition, there is no switch to turn off macro mode in the shooting interface.

Apple said it will add a macro switch in the next version.

The three bugs above are all software issues, which can be fixed with system updates. However, there are some hardware issues. These are not hardware faults but probably a problem with optimizing the system. Apple has not made an official statement, and currently only customer service has responded.

4. The mosaic appears on users’ iPhone 13 photos

The topic “iPhone 13 photos with mosaics” has been in the headlines A few days ago. It all came from a user who discovered black mosaics were appearing on many photos taken by iPhone 13 Pro Max. The user also recorded a video to reproduce this problem.

However, the problem has not emerged on a large scale and should be an individual case. Apple customer service said it hasn’t seen any user calls reflecting the photo mosaic issue.

5. The iPad mini 6 has a problem with updating the “jelly scrolling” display

Last week, some users complained about “Jelly scrolling” on the iPad 6 mini. “Jelly screen” is known as the phenomenon that when the screen is moved up and down, the screen becomes out of sync from right to left.

Previously, industry experts said that the cause of this problem can affect the direction of screen refresh due to the installation of the hardware. For example, cell phones usually cool from top to bottom, so the perception is not obvious. But the screen is tested in both horizontal and vertical directions before leaving the factory. It is therefore surprising to see such a problem on the iPad.

Some bloggers have also stated that “Jelly Screen” is not very obvious to some users because many people do not notice the existence of “Jelly scrolling”.

Apple customer service said it has not encountered this issue so far, and users who have already obtained the product can share the screen remotely to test it out.


Right now, the issues mentioned above are the most common bugs and glitches found on newer iPhone 13 and iPad models. Most of them will be corrected very soon. But we assume that there are other bugs as well. So if you’ve seen any, you can talk about it in the comments section below.

Finally, the first batch of products like smartphones and tablets often have problems. And when talking about Apple, also know that Apple Customer Service has stated that products purchased through the official website can be returned and exchanged within 14 days.

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