Gmail, which is now world’s top, famous and the most recognized email service provider known all over the world. You can create an account for free and use it where ever you want or need to.

Gmail is now the world most largest webmail service which allows you to send or receive emails for free of cost and with no limit, any much you want.

By signing up for gmail, it let you gain access to more amazing services which is provided free from Google (Like Google Maps, Drive, Webmasters, Analytics, AdSense, Blogger and much more). These all services are actually provided free of cost for everyone you just need to have a valid account for Google. With GMail Sign in you get free 15 GB of space from Google Drive, their service which you can use to store your data on clouds and for backups for your computer system data or mobiles data, which you can access from anywhere at anytime just by logging in to your Gmail account.

Gmail Email:

While signing up for Gmail you will need to make a personal email address which will be your so called username for logging in to any service provided by Google. Your email address at the time of sign up you will be having a fix prefix for the Google service which is It will be used in your every email address when ever you will be making account, you will get your email with this prefix. They don’t use any other prefix for them.

Gmail Account Sign up:

We already discussed much about the gifts that you get from Google while signing up, it offers so much variety of services which are much useful for us in our life. So, to get these amazing gifts or opportunities from Google by just a simple sign up for Gmail. Let us take a look on how to get an account for gmail then we will be talking about the Gmail Sign in process for all the other services as well. To create account, follow these steps.

  1. Go to official Gmail website –
  2. Fill the form provided with the valid and your original details so that you will not get your account compromised later.
  3. Choose unique username for your gmail email, and a really touch or strong password.
  4. Then Click on Sign up, prove your identification and provide valid phone number or alternative back up email address there.
  5. After this, click on submit your account will be made and you will be redirected to Gmail Inbox.

If you’re still getting some issues, watch this easy video guide.

Gmail For Android Mobiles:

You can also create google account from your android mobile phone. As we all know technology is taking a new turn and getting so much viral these days and in future how much it will be advanced, that’s why Gmail allows users to use their GMail account on android phone. You can use the same email address account which you created on your computer on web. For new mobiles in present time, Google Account is permanent for android users in order to get applications from Google Play Store.

Go to Settings > Accounts > Gmail Account > Sign in to your existing account there or create a new one to connect to the Google world.

Desktop PC/Laptop Requirements For Gmail: is a worldwide website, with billions of users per month they have

to keep their security up to date so you need to have an up to date device or system in order to use, sign up or login to gmail account. Below are the requirements you must have,

1. Windows Xp, 7, 8/8.1 or 10.
2. Mac OSx 10 or later.
3. Latest version of browser (Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome or Opera).

Requirements For Gmail (Android/iOS Mobiles):

1. Mobile Data (3G or 4G) Or high speed WiFi Connection.
2. Android Version 2.3.6 or later.
3. iOS Version 7 or later.
4. Jail Break or rooted mobile phones can also use this application but there are some conditions.

Gmail New Features, What Gmail Offers? is a free of cost website, you can use it anywhere and anytime with a great support for any issues.

You can send as many emails as you want to, gmail allows you to have 15 GB of space for backing up your inbox also, so you can also receive as much emails as you want there’s no limit.

Gmail now provides a user friendly and good look and interface that even a new user can easily navigate through the menus.

With registration, you get a free 15 GB of Google Drive space.

You can switch to your multiple accounts, which i must say is a great update for users having more than 1 accounts can use all at one time, one place.