iCloud Login – Create www.iCloud.com Account Sign in

iCloud Login – www.iCloud.com Sign in

iCloud is apple storage and cloud computing service provided by Apple. It was launched in OCT 12,2011 but as of FEB 2016, this service has gained 782 million users. iCloud securely store your photos, music, videos document and data also keep them update across all your devices. Now iCloud stores your content in the cloud wireless pushes it to all your devices, so automatically upload stores and automatically pushes it to all your devices but also it completely integrated with your apps, and so everything happens automatically and nothing new turn on .we easily shares photos, calendars, locations etc with other iCloud users. If we lose any important data like photos,documents etc, in this case, it very helpful to recover all data easily.

How to Create iCloud Account

An apple id makes it easy and possible for you to download content from iTunes and App Store. Apple ID allows you to sync reminders, contacts through iCloud we create a new Apple ID. To create iCloud ID, you need to move on to setting, tap on it, scroll down the little way and you see.

Tap there and if you have setup iCloud look at the screen it might be having Apple ID enter the password.

In below there is an option (GET FREE APPLE ID) step on it.They asked you (date of birth), select your birthday .step on (Next)button on the top, there is an option (first name)and (last name)

Now enter your correct detail. Tap on NEXT button.Now here you can choose between them (GET A FREE CLOUD EMAIL ADDRESS).

Tap the NEXT button to carry on, here we can select the other name that’s can be your email. Remember this email is never change

Now tap on NEXT and you have warned,
Select the (create) to carry on, Here you belong to enter your password and obviously make sure its a fairly secure one, nothing too obvious, Enter your password and tap on NEXT.

Now there is some security question like (what was first pet, birds name etc.)this security question is used to verify your identity when you make changes to your account so remember this answer after this you add email address used to confirm your identity or reset a forget password and this email address will only be used for personal security purposes tap on NEXT to see,

Select email updates to tap the ‘NEXT’ they put the terms and conditions screen you can select (SEND BY EMAIL ADDRESS)

And there is an option you select (AGREE)

This is the easiest way to create iCloud account.

How to Login to iCloud

The www.iCloud.com allows the users to access various iCloud features including the endlessly find our iphone anywhere with the help of web browser if you tried to visit iCloud.com from an iphone, iPad, iPod you will notice rather than the traditional sign into the iCloud login page, type your correct Apple ID your password.

“This was the easiest instruction for creating your own Apple account”

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